Track and field results from the Western State Conference Championships

Men's 4x100 relay team.  Devyn Deckard, Sharieff Reed, James Rincon and Jordan Herrera.
Men's 4x100 relay team. Devyn Deckard, Sharieff Reed, James Rincon and Jordan Herrera.

Congratulations to our Men's Track and Field Team for taking 3rd place in the Western State Conference Championships this weekend held at Moorpark College.  Our 4x100 meter relay kicked off the track meet with a spectacular victory, posting the second fastest time in the state with a 40.83.  The team was lead by Devyn Deckard who handed off to Sharieff Reed then James Rincon and finally our freshman sensation Jordan Herrera brought it in for the gold.  Congratulations to the following men for their outstanding performance, team contribution and demonstration leadership.

Congratulations to the following individual Western State Conference Champions in their respective events:

DEVYN DECKARD                 400 Intermediate Hurdles

JORDAN HERRERA               100 METERS

SHARIEFF REED                    200 METERS

4 x 100 Meter Relay             1st Place (Second best time in state)

Devyn Deckard                   Sharieff Reed

James Rincon                      Jordan Herrera                  


100 meters

  • Jordan Herrera                     1st Place (personal best time, So. Cal. leading time)
  • Sharieff Reed                       2nd Place (personal best time)
  • James Rincon                       7th Place


200 meters

  • Sharieff Reed                       1st place (personal best time)
  • Jordan Herrera                     2nd place (personal best time)


400 meters


1500 meters

  • Shane Brower                      5th Place

400 Intermediate Hurdles

  • Devyn Deckard                   1st place (second fastest time in state)
  • Gentaro Sasaki                   4th Personal Best Time
  • Carnell Lewis                       5th Personal Best Time

High Jump

  • Stirling McCulloch            3rd place

Shot Put

  • Chimechi Oparanozi       2nd place

4 x 400 Meter Relay                          3rd Place

                  Gentaro Sasaki                    Omar Carranza

                  Sharieff Reed                       Devyn Deckard

Congratulations to returning Sophomore Sensation Amanda Yager for winning the Women's 400 Intermediate Hurdles Western Conference Championship this weekend at Moorpark College with her second fastest time of the season at 63.81.  The win did not come easy for her, suffering from a terrible allergy attack, Amanda Showed the resolve of a champion knowing she was going to have to run a near perfect race in terrible weather conditions.

 The team was also lead by sophomore transfer Michaela Cosentino who scored points in 4 events: 4x100 meter relay, High Jump, 100 meter Hurdles, and the 4 x 400 meter relay.

4 x 100 Meter Relay                          6st Place

                  Amanda Yager                     Michaela Cosentino

                  Shanna Bolden                   Maria Martinez


High Jump

  • Michaela Cosentino       4th place

400 Intermediate Hurdles

  • Amanda Yager                     1st place

1500 Meters

  • Jessica Roberts                    6th place

100 High Hurdles

  • Michaela Cosentino              8th place

4 x 400 Meter Relay                          7rd Place

                  Shanna Bolden                   Jessica Roberts

                  Maria Martinez                   Michaela Cosentino