SMC's Mayra Jovic is State Champion in Women's Tennis

SMC's Mayra Jovic is State Champion in Women's Tennis

Ethan Singleton-Corsair Sports Reporter


This past weekend the Santa Monica College Corsairs won the 115th annual Ojai Tennis Tournament Team Title.

The Corsairs were led by Mayra "The Captain" Jovic, who was able to claim two titles for herself, taking the gold in women's singles and doubles, with the help of her teammate Izabel Nadracheva.

She also scored 14 of 16 points that helped The Corsairs win the team title.

After doubles, " I started bawling my eyes out because of pure exhaustion and relief that [it] was over," Jovic said.

She explained that every morning for the four days of this tournament she was up at 6 a.m., prepared to compete in a minimum of three matches a day. And that night, she "passed out."

After a solid night's rest, she explained, "I'm just stoked that I get to bring back the team trophy for the school."

Jovic has left a permanent mark on SMC's rich tennis history, where she becomes only the second Corsair player to win a state single's title– just behind Katerina Mozolyuk in 2011.

As a freshman, Jovic won the Western State Conference women's tennis Player of The Year award and with a spotless record she has gone undefeated in both women's singles and doubles matches this season.

Richard Goldenson, coach of Santa Monica's women's tennis program, labeled Jovic's performance as "the most dominant [he's] ever seen."