Moorpark College Invitational Recap

Santa Monica, CA
Eric Barron--SMC Women's Cross Country Head Coach
The Santa Monica Women's Cross Country team rested its veterans at the Moorpark Invitational and while they ran a workout on the course, first-year Sasha Shabasov and newcomer Samina Balakhane handled the real work.  Taking advantage of the flat first mile, Sasha opened with her fastest first mile of the season, and Samina was close behind.  Mile two contained the one hill on the course, and it was lengthy, but a long grass downhill followed.  Sasha looked good along the ridge, and ended up tying her season best time.  This effort, however, was much better as the prior time was on the wholly flat Cerritos course.  Samina survived the last two miles, and as her conditioning improves, so will her time.