Athletic Department Mission

Santa Monica College Athletics Mission Statement:

The Mission of Santa Monica College Athletics is to provide the opportunity for student-athletes to achieve personal excellence in both academics and athletics.  The Department is committed to a competitive program that serves the interest of the student body and encompasses the ethical values and educational philosophy of the institution.  The Department will demonstrate responsibility by complying with standards set by the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), the Western States Conference (WSC), the Southern California Football Association (SCFA) and other governing associations.  Additionally, the actions of the Athletic Department will support the expressed mission, values, and overall objectives of Santa Monica College.


Through programs that are competitive at the conference, regional, and state levels, the Department will aspire to exemplify SMC's commitment to excellence and bring positive recognition to both the institution and the community.

Statement of Philosophy:

Athletics at Santa Monica College is a form of education through intense physical training, activities, and competition which are with full regard to values of fair play, teamwork, human growth and physical development.  Since Athletics is a facet of the total educational programs offered at SMC, Athletics strives for the same goals that give purpose to all the other learning experiences of the college and the development of students as responsible and contributing members of our global society.

Coaches have the responsibility to represent the educational values and standards of the college in all activities.  In the development and refinement of the specific skills relevant to their sports, they will select and organize learning activities and opportunities that are consistent with the policies and practices of SMC.  The responsibility for implementing and operating these programs lies with the leadership and direction of the athletic director, chair of Kinesiology and senior management.

The Athletic Department will reflect the philosophy, objectives and practices of the college.  Athletics is an integral part of the overall college educational program, welcoming and encouraging the opportunity for full participation.


 Message from the Athletic Director Reggie Ellis:

On behalf of our staff and administration, welcome to Santa Monica College (SMC)!  You have chosen an exceptional institution to consider in continuing your educational and athletic career.
We are pleased you are considering SMC to further your academic and athletic pursuits at one of the most recognized and renowned two-year colleges in the nation. Our primary goal is to provide a substantive experience for you, the student-athlete. You will be encouraged in your personal and intellectual development and exploration, while challenged and supported in achieving your educational goals.
In return, your charge is to maximize your learning experiences while you endeavor to be the best student-athlete and teammate that you can. As a representative of Corsair Athletics, you will operate with sportsmanship, integrity, and respect for yourself and others.
A Santa Monica College degree will allow you a multitude of options, and combined with your student-athlete experiences, can lead to enhanced opportunities in and out of the sports field. This path you have chosen may not be the easiest, but the benefits can be tremendous, if you prepare to receive them.
We hope that your experience while on our campus or visiting the website can prove to be both enjoyable and rewarding.   Here at SMC we are committed to achieving success in the classroom and on the fields of play. 
The Athletics Department is excited that you have chosen to join this community. We look forward to your growth as a student and an athlete. Proud to be SMC!
Reggie Ellis
Director of Athletics