Women's Volleyball loses in three sets

Kevin Colindores--Corsair Sports Writer

October 13, 2016


 Stepping out on to the floor, the Corsairs get ready to face West LA after a series of losses. The team runs onto the court pumped with energy, showing their opponent that they are ready.

The Corsairs serve first and it's time for the game to begin.

The women's volleyball team started off strong holding a lead for the majority of the first set. The first set was was very defensive for the Corsairs, not letting West LA catch up to them.

Nearing the end of the first set the Corsairs began to breakdown. Missing serves and letting balls drop was a huge problem for them, eventually allowing West LA to catch up and eventually surpass the Corsairs to win the set.

"Our energy was low and we couldn't figure out how to communicate well with each other," setter Megan Yoon said. "We needed to find a way to work together defensively and offensively."

The second quarter showed more of the miscommunication between the team. While the Corsairs were able to have some good possessions, West LA was able to outscore the Corsairs, 7-0. At this point the Corsairs were down 11-14. While the breakdown was still affecting the Corsairs, they finally began to rally. This rally came because of great defensive sets enabling the Corsairs to catch up. There were many lead changes, but the Corsairs were still not able to find their ground and secure a win. West LA now had two sets on the Corsairs.

"Our passing is a lot better, but it is not leading to any completions," Coach Turban Douglas said. "It is good to see that there is progress but we need to learn how to compete harder and secure points."

The third set already started with the team trailing badly. Desperately needing a leader on the floor, Libero Christine Gaspavyan took command of the floor.

"I needed to boost my teammates up because I did not want us to lose without trying," Gaspavyan said. "Being a leader on the floor is something I needed to be and it really did help us at the end."

The Corsairs started another rally with the help of setter Megan Yoon who was able to create good positions for her teammates. Things looked like they were finally clicking and the Corsairs were catching up. The communication seemed much better, but there was some frustration on the floor when simple mistakes were made.

"We had to keep it together and put the mistakes behind us," Yoon said.

The Corsairs had a huge rally and were able to tie the game at 21-21 after being down for most of the game. Each round from there was very intense and the audience was very into it. With the score at 24-22, the Corsairs appeared to have it in the bag, but after a last ditch effort by West LA that resulted in 4 points, the Corsairs went home with an L.

After three close sets, (25-23, 25-20, 26-24) the Corsairs fell in each one resulting in another loss making their record 1-17.

The Corsairs Women's Volleyball team will play Glendale at home on Friday at SMC.